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Belle Meade Island House, Miami, FL

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The recently completed Belle Meade Island house reflects rigorous aesthetic and programmatic owner requirements implemented in coordination with meeting stringent FEMA AE Coastal and local Miami 21 T3-R Sub Urban zone protocols. The project is designed to maximize occupiable square footage within the lot geometry and Miami2 1pramaters while maximizing views of Biscayne Bay.

The home’s front provides a covered ceremonial grand stair for socializing and transition from the driveway to the interior, as well as access to a multi car garage. The first floor is elevated above the FEMA base flood elevation and additional possible wave action in order to provide an dry living area in consideration of a worst scenario storm surge.

On the waterfront side, except for a structural wall, all walls are fully glazed from floor to ceiling to provide unobstructed views of the backyard and Biscayne bay beyond. The backyard is designed to maximize outdoor engagement of the waterfront site by focusing on three primary elements: the pool with surrounding pool deck, the pool house with full cooking, dining and bathing facilities, and a dock that spans the entire width of the property – all bound together with landscaping.

In that sense, the backyard functions as an extension of the house for daily engagement with the outdoors on land, as well as a conduit to the water’s edge and for boating and watersports.

Per the owner’s aesthetic directive, the interior maintains as high ceilings as possible while minimizing the reliance on visible coffered ceiling areas. This results in an elegant sense of volumetric continuity and openness. The large master and secondary bedrooms have edge to edge, full height glass walls looking out on to the water. Both have large walk-in closets and restrooms. Amenities include a walk-in wine cellar off the living area, a home theater, multiple rooftop patios.

Function and systems are addressed with ample dedicated facilities provided for clothes washing, air handling, water purification, electrical panels and home automation racks.



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