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AIA Award of Excellence
St. Mary Church Bell-Tower
Branford, CT

The firm has recently won the Fort Lauderdale AIA award of excellence for this site element that provides housing for a bell from the church that had previously burnt down on this site. The tower functions as an emblem of the Catholic Church on Main St. in downtown Brandford. It anchors the open end of the parish courtyard and provides a destination for gathering.

AIA Award of Honor St. Mary Cathedral Crypt and Chapel Miami, FL

The St. Mary Cathedral crypt and chapel project provides both a site amenity and a context for internment within an underused, interstitial zone on the site. We flipped the relationship building by raising an alley-like area to meet grade at the cathedral side entrances. By doing so, we create a prayer garden and area for outdoor procession associated with the liturgy. Below, the crypt and chapel are fed by light troughs from above.

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Orlando Golden Brick Award
St. James Cathedral
Orlando, FL

The St. James project received Orlando's Golden Brick Award of Design Excellence. The award is the highest designation of the Golden Brick Award for projects built in the Orlando area. This project is recognized as an asset and positive component of the downtown.

Faith and Form Design Award
St. James Cathedral 
Orlando, FL

The cathedral project received the IFRAA Faith and Form Design Award of Merit. This international award, associated with Faith and Form Magazine, recognizes quality and inspired religious facility design internationally.

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American School and University Killingly Middle School Killingly, CT

AS&U has recognized the Killingly intermediate school as a national prototype middle school. The project works to create a community in the context of a critical mix of grades by providing universal access to all public use spaces while offering the option to control circulation between grades and activities as appropriate depending on schedule.

Pyramid Award  St. Gregory Church Plantation, FL

The St. Gregory church project was awarded the Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award. The additions renovation had an interesting program that required the existing, warehouse-like glu-lam structured building to be converted to a 'mission' church in order to achieve a Catholic presence on University drive to compete with the growing commercial, corporate and retail presence on the street.


The option chosen has a central tower, with a large stained glass window facing the street and reservation at its base as a powerful, adjacent component to the sanctuary. The resultant structure provides an unmistakable profile for miles down the drive. In addition to visual associations, seating capacity was increased and the sanctuary was completely reconfigured.

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Connecticut Preservation Trust
First and SummerField Church
New Haven, CT

The First and Summerfield Church Restoration Renovations, New Haven, CT entailed comprehensive renovations to a church gutted by fire. The situation provided the opportunity to ameliorate problematic prior renovations implemented at the turn of the century which obscured the elegance of original Federal Colonial structure and highlight the strengths of the original architecture.


Previously covered parts of the windows were reinstated. Original millwork and detailing were restored. The project was awarded acknowledgment by the Connecticut Preservation Trust as a restoration project.

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