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White Residence Woodbridge, CT

Situated in a sylvan suburb of New Haven, the White Residence seeks to create an elegant engagement and harmonious dialogue between the built environment and its surroundings. This intent plays out in the house’s geometry, its definition of volumes, and its fenestration. Multi-story extensively glazed spaces house more public functions in an effort to draw the interior in and bind interior and exterior in those spaces. Geometry, finishes, color, and levels of opacity work to define relationships between the interior and exterior and the relationship of the inhabitants to those realms and to the functions within the house.


Sun angles, views, and overhangs interlock in a manner in which there is no arbitrariness. Instead, the body and inhabitation of the residence are considered deeply at every turn in order to deliver a meaningful experience both of domestic life and of one’s relationship to nature.

Brocket’s Point House Guildford, CT

The dramatic outcropping on which the house is sited affords dramatic views of long Island Sound and the local estuary. The design of the house takes full advantage of this dynamic topography with interlocking, multi-story interior and exterior spaces that correspond to circulation, gathering, and view functions within the parti.

Waldman Residence Holyoke, MA

The house is located on top of the hill with a view of the valley beyond. This story of the sloping site can afford an architect great pleasure by offering the opportunity to engage the slope in section, to configure the architecture in relation to a change in grade. In this instance, this has led to the logic of the plan with the public realm accessed from the grade at the top of the slope, and bedrooms located below at grade further down the slope. In this manner, the primary entrance is at grade, with circulation in the house leading to views and a porch off of the living and dining areas. Below, bedrooms can engage directly with the surroundings at grade as well. The horseshoe plan feeds off of a central vertical core.

Yarmouth House, Yarmouth, ME

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