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The Richter Library forms one of the primary anchors that define the UM campus core. In addition to its primary library function, the building houses a new Special Collections Archive, a cafe, a gallery and a major pedestrian passage and connection between one end of campus and the campus core. The project program included providing upgrades to the passage's lighting and finishes in order to make it brighter and more functional as a primary campus component. Towards that end new lighting, glazing, paving, stone cladding and ceiling treatment were implemented in order to create an outdoor space for inhabitation rather than a dark tunnel. That approach enhances the existing cafe function by providing a positive context for outdoor seating and gathering. The upgraded wall surfaces now provide additional gallery space. A foyer was designed to allow access to both the cafe and new collections facility while creating a greater visual connection to the through passage function. The result has been to provide a vibrant outdoor facility with an improved connections between interior functions and public space.

Richter Library Passageway and Foyer

Upgrades and Renovations

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

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