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The St. William Church had extensive deferred maintenance issues requiring remediation and needed to double seating capacity. It also sought to add a narthex building with a gathering hall, conference and bridal rooms, as well as a gift shop, toilet facilities, and other ancillary functions. The mandate was to achieve these objectives while maintaining both the proportions and aesthetics of the original church. Various alternatives were studied extensively in order to fulfill the various programmatic criteria within the fairly strict site confines and aesthetic criteria demanded by the parish, including maintaining the existing church height, retaining the 'mission' quality of the original, and employing an exposed glu-lam structural approach similar to the original. Ultimately, the existing church was raised and replaced with an enlarged church. The existing adjacent hall was renovated and a new narthex building constructed in front of the new church. The entire complex was surrounded by a covered walkway which serves as direct access to parking available 360 degrees around the building(s.) That amenity ties in well with the local climate and provides for outdoor gathering in the intense South Florida sunshine or rain.

St. William Church

Parish Hall, Narthex Building Additions Renovations

Naples, FL

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