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Drawing a diverse student population from throughout the area, the St. Patrick Pre School needs more space for it's Pre-k population. The program includes the refurbushment of the existing Pre-K building and the addition of an adjacent single story classroom building. The design srategy has been to achieve the needed additional space and the refurbishment of existing within the Mediterranean revival architectural vocabulary of the school's existing buildings, within a stringent budget and ordinance parameters. The goal is to enhance both the school and the neighborhood of which it is such an integral part. The area of site between the street, the existing gymnasium, and the existing pre-k building has been chosen for the new building. The new facility is to be one story for budgetary purposes and is proportioned to be both appropriate to the neighborhood and to fit in with the datums associated with the existing buildings on campus. Extensive site improvements are designed to enhance drop off and pick up circulation, as well as to implement local traffic calming and enhance quality of life in the neighborhood with the implementation of plantings, traffic circles and T terminations.

St. Patrick School Pre-K: New Facility

Renovations to Existing

Miami Beach, FL

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