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The program for this project entailed the provision of internment for the bishops, monsignors and clergy, as well as for a chapel associated with these environs. We had to find unused space within this tight, urban sight within which to implement such a function. We were able to employ an underutilized area between the existing cathedral and administrative offices at the level of the administration for this purpose. That existing condition is a seldom used area carved out of the slope between the two facilities. We engage that cleft in the slope to provide a ceremonial garden above with direct access from the cathedral for procession and contemplation. At the lower level, we provide chapel and crypt and columbaria chambers for internment. In this manner, a site amenity and enhancement is provided at the exterior by inverting the relationship of grade between the cathedral and administrative facilities. In addition to enhancing the site, exterior liturgical procession is enhanced at the cathedral. Finishes within are of concrete and travertine. Natural light cascades down into the lower interior via light wells built into the garden parapet. Light also streams down into the chapel via solid light shafts embedded into the concrete above.

St. Mary Cathedral Crypt - AIA Award of Honor

Miami, FL

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