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The bell tower was commissioned to provide an emblematic presence and a pedestrian scale on the street. It was required to house the bell from the church that had previously burnt down on the site. The pastor asked that the new tower function more as a sculpture or landscape element rather than an architectural tower, and that it complement though not bow to the stylistic qualities of the various adjacent buildings on the site, that it be neither too modern nor too traditional. Accordingly, we referenced a primary classical basis for church design, the interaction between circle and square as the basis from which the geometry would emerge. We let the diagrammatic and scalar interplay of those geometric constructs be revealed starkly in plan and in section. That diagrammatic reference is also delineated via material change, highlighted by the metal armature from which the bell is suspended. For material palette, we employed red brick, limestone, and unfinished metal in reference to key material components of the parish’s exterior finishes.

St. Mary Church Bell Tower

AIA  Award of Excellence

Branford, CT


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