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Built in the local Georgian vernacular, this two storied, gable roof building is in keeping with the architectural character of the town of Windsor, VT, chartered in 1761. The church was designed as a Western concept of the Jerusalem temple – for teaching as well as for worship. This approach was developed from the congregation's recommendations and recalls early Jewish and Christian temples. The church's form is the result of a year of introspection by the community. The church is a simple, powerful geometric statement. The triumphal arch over the main entrance is a figurative symbol of spiritual transition and contains a stained glass window titled the "Celebration of Life". Neatly fitted into the geometry are the Repository Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, the Parish Hall, service areas, and classrooms which are located on an arched gallery overlooking the nave. The interior finishes are of natural materials, including brick and native woods. Permanent artwork, statuary, and furnishings in the church have been carefully considered so that their position, color and design provide a sense of continuity and harmony. A side entry court, shielded from the street by a high wall and bell-tower provides a transitional space for community interaction before and after church activities. The unusual bell-tower of brick with limestone coping is topped by a metal arch with a sound system and the church's bell.

St. Francis of Assisi Church

Windsor, VT

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