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The St. Patric project entailed the complete and comprehensive renovation and restoration of this South Florida landmark. The sanctuary was extended forward in order to decrease the distance between celebrant and congregation. Former shrine areas were reconfigured to open up the sanctuary, thereby providing natural light and better access to the sanctuary and to provide a context more supportive of the various liturgical functions located there, including the baptistry. Finishes were replaced throughout, including a new cedar plank ceiling. Wood, stone and stucco create a closely coordinated material palate. Moisture damage was mitigated throughout. All systems were replaced. Lighting included new chandeliers and focal lighting on a dimmer system. At the exterior, a major new element of church was created by the the addition of an elevated terrace at the front entrance approached by both a monumental staircase and ramp. New St. Mary and St. Patrick shrines were added to the sides of the terrace at grade to engage pedestrians approaching the church.

St. Patrick Church Addition, Renovation, Restoration.

Miami Beach, FL

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