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The program for the project was to create a church and to create community. Towards those goals a church, an administrative wing, a parish hall and a rectory were designed and built. Although the massing is modern, the parti is ancient in terms of Christian architectural precedent. Solid and void interlock to form the community around two courtyards, thereby providing sanctuary within an urban context. Finishes in brick, stone and wood are left as raw and elemental as possible, as inspired by the stone finishes of the French Romanesque and the structural brick masonry found below the original finish of Roman ruins. The square church space is encased in an abmulatory and fed by a clerestory above. Light wells funnel light to liturgical centers such as the baptistery and sanctuary. In this manner, light, shadow, and natural materials operate in unadorned relationship to each other as the context for the relationship between man and the sacred to be affirmed.

St. John Vianney Church

West Haven, CT

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