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The Church of the Resurrection requires a new parish center to provide a large gathering hall divisible into separate classrooms with an adjoining commercial kitchen. By feeding that space, and by connecting to the existing church narthex, a new glazed corridor serves to unify public facilities at the parish and create a cohesive campus. The new facilities are placed within the area alloted for that function on the site in the original masterplan strategy in order to complete a horseshoe configuration around a courtyard with the existing bell tower at its center. The new parish center also includes educational offices, meeting rooms, and bathrooms to be be shared with the existing church. The existing buildings on the site span in design approach from striking modernist statements to more prosaic structures. The new parish center is designed to mesh within that context while at the same time standing on its own through the implementation of massing, proportion, roof profile and material palette.

Church of the Resurrection Parish Center

Wallinford, CT


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