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Our design for the Our Lady of Guadalupe church and Parish Complex was performed for a design build competition. The program called for a church with a narthex, daily chapel and adoration chapel accessible 24/7 directly from the exterior. It also called for an administrative and parish hall building accessible by a covered connection to parking. It called for a 'Guadalupan' approach to the design. A rigorous budget was a serious factor. In response to the programmatic goals and approach indicated, we separated the parish hall and administrative functions and positioned them as arms flanking a newly formed courtyard which embraces the new parish center thereby created. Per programmatic dictate, covered access is provided from parking to all facilities. The central plaza and church are approached via a central walkway on axis spanning the primary parking area. A roundabout provides a drop-off method and flexibility for vehicular routing at parking. The administrative and and parish functions that flank the church join the main church building at the ends of the narthex hall, thereby unifying the entire complex with both covered or fully protected enclosures. That end of the church provides the location for the all day accessible narthex wing with daily and adoration chapel functions. The church is accessed off of the narthex and can be secured while all narthex wing functions are available throughout the day. The church layout includes shallow transepts to provide seating around and close to the predella. Per program, devotional shrine areas are provided, in this case at a dedicated shrine chapel at the apse.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

New Church and Parish Campus Complex

Doral, FL

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