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The Notre Dame parish is the center of the Haitian Diaspora, and is one of the most active and vibrant in Miami. To date, the parish had been performing mass in a space associated with the school. That space was inadequate in terms of both size and configuration for the performance of the liturgy. The parish asked that a new, 1,200 seat church be designed to connect to that space via a narthex hall. The archdiocese required that the daily chapel face the reredos so as to share the tabernacle and to allow for overflow seating in the chapel to witness mass via a glazed reredos. Traditional massing is very important to the parish and is seen as a means for the local Haitian population to bridge to the historic churches left behind in Haiti. A number of traditional iterations were investigated in relation to the motifs associated with historic Haitian churches. Ultimately a simple and direct approach was found to be most applicable to the near extreme budget parameters put in place to realize the scope required for the seating count. A basic gabled rectangular shape was employed with a shallow transept so as to keep the congregation close the the celebrant. This simple structural methods associated with this form kept costs to a minimum. The trusses a the nave were designed to evoke associations with traditional churches in the Americas.

Notre Dame D'Haiti Church

Miami, FL

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