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This historic structure, originally built in 1849, incurred extensive damage due to a major fire. Damage was extensive, including the sanctuary, nave, steeple, roof and the fellowship hall on the lower level. The roof was completely destroyed, leaving only the exterior walls standing. Having been adversely altered by a prior renovation at the turn of the century, the fire provided an opportunity to restore the church interior to a state closer to its original design. The project followed historic preservation guidelines and won recognition from the Connecticut Preservation Trust Foundation. A fast tracked design and construction schedule were immediately implemented upon awarding the contract. The 25,000 square foot interior was completely gutted and renovated, the steeple and pipe organ were repaired, the roof was replaced and code violations were corrected. A new coffered ceiling with indirect lighting was installed. New window casings were designed and installed to enhance the verticality the building's fenestration.

First and Summerfield United Methodist Church

Restoration Renovation

New Haven, CT

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