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As the university's flagship building, Dodd's Hall establishes UNH's campus core at a steeply sloping site in the center of the campus. The building seeks to engage the site directly and dynamically to provide the grade differential at the interior for the lecture hall auditorium and to provides views of Long Island sound from student lounges located at the ends of the building. The building operates as a gateway to the campus via passage at its middle from the busy boulevard at the lower end of the slope and the campus core at the upper end. In addition to the lecture and lounges, classroom and laboratory space is provided, including the forensic teaching laboratories for Dr. Henry Lee. The gallery works as a transition space from the exterior though the building to the educational spaces within. In this manner the building works both to provide educational facilities, as well as to engage the campus at large as a portal between the community at large and the campus and functions within the building.

Dodd's Hall,  Lecture Hall, Classroom,

and Gallery Building

University of New Haven, New Haven, CT

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