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The Darien Elderly Housing complex was designed so as to provide the sense of place for both site and building. The multi-unit buildings produce the scale of a single family residence. The cluster of buildings is configured so as to give the sense of a village or residential neighborhood. The idea is that the enclave create a sense of comfort and belonging, and not simply a harsh expectation of a cold public senior housing facility. Different building massing types provide the variation required to create the read of a true neighborhood. A high percentage of landscaping creates a park-like atmosphere. Taking a cue from the village green phenomenon of paths emerging via the connection between destination nodes, we proactively planned those paths to create an organic organization of paths between the units across a central courtyard. Again we see strategies put in place to foster community and a sense of belonging in an intimate, pedestrian friendly manner. In addition to the residential units, common amenities such as a community room and facilities were included.

Darien Elderly Housing

Darien, CT

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