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A hurricane destroyed the roof of this church and caused extensive interior damage. The renovation provided the opportunity to remove an existing balcony located at the entrance end of the building. This removal revealed the beautiful stained glass wall which adds a new dimension to the worship space. Also removed were the heavily stained wood panels at the walls. This added an uplift to the space and greater appreciation of the stained glass windows. The organ pipes were retrofitted and became the new reredos at the sanctuary. A simple yet dignified design approach for the finishes and furnishings imbued the space with a sense of the sacred. A new porcelain floor was installed. New pendant lighting was employed in tandem with wall sconces that now reveal the sculpture of the walls. Focal lighting supports the liturgical performance. New seating and liturgical furnishings were part of the project. The straight forward approach of the renovation highlights the inherent strengths and sculptural aspects of the existing architecture, including the play of light and sculpture at the perimeter walls where the roof girders seem to 'float' on the stained glass windows below.

Christ Lutheran Church, Renovations

Oakland Park, FL

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