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CSA Award Recipient. A sloping site leading to a lake afforded the opportunity for an inspired solution for a much loved and used outdoor performance venue. WCSU was looking to implement an outdoor bandshell: Kosinski recommended that it take advantage of the natural amphitheater created by a crescent sloping condition terminating at the lake-front site. Accordingly, the band-shell is situated on the lake at the base of the slope. The resulting much loved facility houses music and dance performances during the temperate months. The Concert Bandshell for the Performing Arts provides protection from the elements in a gazebo-like structure which provides a unique context for performance in that it appears to float on the lake. The facility can support a full orchestra or ballet company. The structure is built of timber trusses, is finished with a pine floor, covered with a cedar shake roof and is hung with acoustical panels. Nestled in this natural ampitheater, the band-shell plays easily to an audience of 10,000.

Charles Ives Band-shell

Western Connecticut State University

Danbury, CT

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