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We were asked to design a monastic retreat to house Benedictine brothers and members of those clergy members wishing to live in a sequestered environment for limited periods of time in order to focus on and reinvigorate the spirit. This context would also provide a place for the laity to find respite from their busy daily lives, a peaceful place for contemplation imbued with the qualities fostered by those cloistered there. Working within the parameters and precepts of the Benedictines, we developed a master-plan based on their parameters for the establishment of an abbey-like context. Accordingly, a covered gallery providing circulation surrounds the cloister garth, the central courtyard within which herbs and vegetable will be grown and both clergy and laity can inhabit. The church provides occupation in a presbytery by the clergy in sequestered prayer structures while the laity have a separate seating area within which to participate in the mass. Segregated facilities are provided for the laity, while a chapter house, refectory and library are provided for the clergy. The clergy’s rooms, their cells, were developed in detail so as to provide the dual functions of private residence , including storage and bathing, while also providing specific provisions to support meditation and adoration within the cell. In that manner a communal context specific to the clergy is provided along the lines of the Rule of St. Benedict, as well as the context for private devotion and prayer, and also the ability for controlled participation and coexistence with laity.

Cenacle for Priests

Tusla, OK

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