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On this project we worked with a developer to secure the right to option the Bank and Howard parcel in new London. Two phases of study were pursued working both with the developer and it's possible tenants, and also in conjunction with the City of New London based on its redevelopment directives for that district and on its feedback to our proposals. In that iterative process, acceptable proposals were defined that both met the City's criteria as well as provided for the Developer's ROI and tenant build-out requirements. Proposals for both retail with multi-family as well as all retail were developed. Certain LEED certification strategies were pursued, including a vegetated roof over the retail building. That approach also provided a more pleasant view for those apartments facing in that direction. This specific, smaller urban context lent itself towards employing synergistic assets related to the site, such as the proximity to multiple amenities including the shoreline, and to the multi-modal transportation infrastructure put in place by the city. Our approach was to leverage the dovetailing site potentials that supported both LEED criteria as well as tax credit opportunities for the developer.

Bank and Howard Urban Redevelopment

New London, CT

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