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The project entailed preparing build-out scenarios for a developer to work with the City in order to determine the build-out options for this downtown site. Options included both retail and food service options for national chains. The aesthetic challenge was to merge retailers' branding identity with architectural elements and proportions associated with the Hartford Downtown. Accordingly, we employed sandstone water-table and red brick facades to combine with he retailers' iconic elements to deliver a hybridized approach. As on all of our build-out studies we review ordinance parameters, square footage configurations for maximum retail deployment, code, construction methodologies, cost, and aesthetics. With this data the developer can work with tenants, the municipality and its financial partners to determine viability and proceed in an informed manner with development. These studies have included working with national retailers' facilities departments to work with the baseline parameters and requirements established by those retailers for acceptable build out scenarios. Our understanding of planning, master-planning and sensitivity to existing urban and architectural fabrics assists us in our positive record of securing options from municipalities.

202-203 Albany Ave., Retail Food Service Build-out

Hartford, CT

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